Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chill out. We can fix your car A/C problems

With the first day with full Sun Shine today, we expect expect to say goodbyes to Winters soon.

When your car becomes a green house your car A/C better be working! Maintaining your car's air conditioner is key to keeping cool in the hotter months. And maybe a 32 oz. fountain drink if you're lucky. But don't leave it to that.
Bring your hot wheels to MegaPower Services Complete Auto Care and we'll check out your car A/C.
We'll make sure it's taking the hot air from your car, moving through the system properly and re-circulating cooler air back into the car's cabin. Our A/C Performance Check thoroughly examines intricate A/C system components and their performance. This check is well worth it, and helps prevent you from taking a beating from the heat.

Car A/C Common Ailments:

So your car’s air conditioning unit is on the fritz. Houston, we have a problem. You may be low on refrigerant caused by a leak; the most common A/C ailment. Or, a system component has failed. Some repairs are easy, others, not so much. Depends on how quickly the problem is caught. Unfortunately, ignoring an A/C problem doesn’t make it go away. Leaks get worse and eventually, damage other components — domino effect in action. Your best defense? Bring your ride to us as soon as you notice a problem.

The A/C Service is attended by trained technicians using most advanced AC Service Equipment by BOSCH