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Happy New Year 2014 : : Drive Safe

A Very Very Happy New Year 2014 to all. - 

from the family of MegaPower Services, 
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:: Drive Safe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Memoirs Of An Independent Repair Shop Owner: “You Want Me To Do WHAT?”—Customers Seeking Partner In Pushing What’s Possible (Or Prudent)

By  on October 19, 2012

“Have it Your Way” was a popular TV ad campaign some years ago. While it seemed to work for the world of fast-food burgers, it certainly wasn’t universally applicable in others.
Like in the world of Auto Repair, for instance.

Maybe especially in planet Los Angeles, home of what I call “The Hollywood Effect”: that insidious and seemingly all-pervasive spirit-force which motivates people to jettison logical and rational thinking, and instead concoct and attempt implementation of a personally acceptable “reality” for any potentially unpleasant circumstance.
Like a costly repair scenario involving their personal motor vehicle, for instance.
Granted, I don’t like to spend money unnecessarily; and I will explore other possibilities before accepting any unpleasant circumstance that comes my way. But when all else is explored, and it looks like “God Has Come” truly, I will either give it up and turn it loose, or bite the bullet, man-up, and take care of the situation. Call it perfecting the “craft” of sanity, if you will.
If all of my customers rolled by that standard, not only would my life experience not be the richer for it, but you wouldn’t be reading this particular entry, either.
Here are a couple examples of not completely irrational responses to the aforementioned repair scenarios.
A customer approaches with an underhood noise that turns out to be a water pump bearing failure. I would show them that the pump had indeed failed this way by grabbing the pump pulley and shaking it from side to side. Often, their initial response to this would be asking if I couldn’t just “tighten-up” the bearing quickly, and get them on down the road.
If the customer were informed that their car’s MacPherson Strut damper had failed due to loss of damper oil, they would of course request that I just add some oil to it, so it would work a little while longer.
If they understood that their vehicle’s timing belt had failed because the drive teeth were sheared-off, they’d ask if I couldn’t just get some replacement teeth for it.
Often, any of these kinds of statements would be preceded by “I’m no mechanic, but…”
Indeed. And it would completely explain the nature of their request—which was totally understandable, from my point of view.
Usually, after a little additional explanation about the impossibility of their request, they would listen to reason, and either “fish or cut bait”.
Sometimes, though, they would persist in their line of “reasoning”, maybe even adding that a shop down the street would be willing to fulfill their request—and for next to NOTHING, on top of that! What were they doing standing in my shop, then, I’d say?
Sometimes, though, this “ Hollywood effect” would shift in motivation from that of fantasy, to that of “future shock”. I’d get a customer who felt their backs were against the proverbial “wall”, and they neither had the funds to repair their car properly, nor did they have any other viable alternative to their impending transportation dilemma.
One such memorable occasion involved what certainly appeared like a borderline-homeless person and their somewhat tattered Mustang II.
He pulled up to my open door and parked, as I was working just inside at the back of a vehicle in my repair bay.
I soon realized that I had been in more danger by such close proximity than I had imagined.
He requested that I change the front brake pads, and informed me that he had the replacement set with him; and showed me the almost equally tattered box that apparently housed the new pads.
I told him I had to move his car over, so I could back the vehicle I had just been working on out of the bay in order to pull his in.
He seemed a little uneasy, but handed me the keys.
As soon as I got in the car, started it and covered the brake in order to select reverse gear, not only did I understand his uneasiness, but I also fully appreciated how precarious my earlier position between the back of the vehicle I had in my bay and the front of his approaching vehicle had been. There was virtually NO brake pedal!
I didn’t even bother moving the little ‘stang; opting instead to shut the engine off and lift the hood. As I was doing this, I asked him about the nonexistent brake pedal.
He said that that was not a problem to be concerned with, and reiterated that he just wanted the brake pads changed, only.
I told him that, it was a concern of mine, if I was going to work on his car. I asked him if I could check a couple of other things before we proceeded with even having a repair order written up. He reluctantly approved.
When I lifted hood, I focused attention on the master cylinder, firstly to check if the lack of brake pedal was related to fluid loss. Before I could get even that far, I was greeted by a brake booster hose that had been removed from the booster and plugged with the threaded end of a spark plug! Add one brake booster to the pre-estimate.
The master cylinder was plenty full of fluid, suggesting an internal failure of the cylinder. Add a master cylinder to the pre-estimate.
I checked the preliminary condition of the brake rotors by visually inspecting through the openings in the styled-steel wheels. Not surprisingly, there was major evidence of metal-to-metal contact—and not from the pads that were presently installed!. Add two brake rotors to the pre-estimate.
The customer didn’t appear to be impressed by any of this, but instead restated his original request!
I informed him that if I did what he wanted, the already beleaguered braking system would likely provide even LESS stopping power than it had at present. Besides that, fulfilling his request would not only be unprofessional, but also in fact, be illegal by State standards!
He said he wouldn’t hold me accountable for any of that.
I told him I appreciated his word, but there was just no way his request was going to fly without a complete inspection of his braking system, and all necessary repairs being performed.
He thanked me and drove away.
Wonder if he ever got it “His Way”…
As an ASE Certified L1 Master Tech, Phil ran a successful independent repair shop on the West Coast for close to 20 years, working over a decade before that at both dealer and independent repair shops. He is presently semi-retired from the business of auto repair, but still keeps his hand in things as a consultant and in his personal garage.


Video walkaround – Honda Mobilio MPV at IIMS 2013 - http://indianautosblog.com/2013/09/honda-mobilio-video-98480

Video walkaround – Honda Mobilio MPV at IIMS 2013 - http://indianautosblog.com/2013/09/honda-mobilio-video-98480

MR. CAR: Mahindra to hike car prices by up to Rs 20,000 fro...

MR. CAR: Mahindra to hike car prices by up to Rs 20,000 fro...: NEW DELHI: Auto major Mahindra & Mahindra today said it will hike the prices of its passenger cars and commercial vehicles by Rs 6,00...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

MegaPower Services, (BOSCH Car Service) Jammu - New Logo

Links for Various services :

www.MegaPowerBosch.in for Car Service and Denting & Painting Jobs (Accidental Repairs)

www.MegaPowerCarHelpline.com for 24 hrs on-road Car Breakdown Service 

www.CarInsuranceJammu.in for Car Insurance Renewal

Friday, August 16, 2013

Scoop : : Maruti Suzuki Planning to Launch Hyundai i10 Grand competition WagonR StingRay within a week : : Spy Pics

We are pleased to release Spy pics of Maruti Suzuki's Premium WagonR StingRay.

These pics are from stock yard of a Dealer which means the Premium MUV with Unique Front Grill covered with plexiglass as in Headlight lens, is ready for launch. The Front Grill between the two headlights is NOT Crome but is made out with headlight reflector type inner surface which seems to be hiding LEDs and is covers with clear lens as on headlights. The grill is fully closed and is an extension to the headlights. The AIr flow for radiator and ac condenser is thru the large lower grill.

The headlights have angle rings and projector headlights.

Any and Every Publication/ website is allowed to use these pics with due acknowledgement to MegaPowerBosch.in

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Maruti Suzuki back to basics (LCV/SCV to be launched soon)

News is that with decline in car sales but growth in Small Commercial Vehicles segment, Maruti Suzuki is planning to launch LCV/SCV like Van/Omni based Commercial vehicle as was launched in initial years of Maruti.

While the earlier CV venture failed as it was way ahead of it's times, but NOW with huge demand for such vehicles, and Tata Ace, Mahindra Pick up etc doing big business, Maruti plans to get back in this segment with 800cc 2 cylinder DIESEL Engine which is being developed for Maruti Suzuki's small car project.

The likely product may look like this:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beat the Rains : : BOSCH Car Wiper Blades' FREE Check up Camp on 26th July 2013

We at MegaPower Services wish you safe driving during Monsoon rains.

To ensure that you have good visibility during rainy season, we invite you to get your Cars' Wiper Bades Checked, Adjusted & Replaced, if required.

During this Free Wiper Check up Camp we offer 15% discount on BOSCH Wiper Blades. BOSCH offers following two designs of Wiper Blades:



CLEAR ADVANTAGE (Premium) also know world wide as Beam Wiper Blades.

Here's the list of available wiper blades from Bosch for Indian cars. The list is not complete as it doesn't include most high end cars. 

The format goes like this: Part No:xx -- Length in inches:xx" -- Suitable for:xxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxxx

(The first listing is a single blade pack and the rest comes as double blade packs)

1) 3 397 004 285 (single blade) -- 12" -- Amby Nova (old), Armada, Gypsy, Zen (rear), Omni, Premier Padmini, Indica rear.

2) 3 397 005 065 -- 13.5"/13.5" -- Amby Nova (new), Matiz (rear), Santro (rear), Wagon R (rear), Safari (rear)

3) 3 397 005 067 -- 16"/16" -- Bolero, Versa, Qualis

4) 3 397 005 068 -- 17"/17" -- Maruti 800*

5) 3 397 005 069 -- 18"/18" -- Cielo, Contessa, Astra, Corsa, Swing

6) 3 397 005 071 -- 19"/19" -- Ikon, Uno, Scorpio, Sumo*, Estate*,Sierra*

7) 3 397 005 072 -- 20"/20" -- Ford Escort, Mercedes M class, Indica (old)

8) 3 397 005 074 -- 22"/22" -- Safari

9) 3 397 001 790 -- 20"/17" - Matiz, Zen, Santro

10) 3 397 001 791 -- 20"/18" -- City, Accent, Baleno, Swing

11) 3 397 001 793 -- 21"/18" -- Siena, Palio, Indica (new)

12) 3 397 001 794 -- 21"/19" -- Sonata, Lancer

13) 3 397 001 784 -- 18"/16" -- Alto, WagonR

* For models older than 1998, please use S/S adaptor (screw type fitment) supplied seperately.

Before you buy please check your current blades to ensure that the length of the new one you're getting is correct. Some vehicles are not specified if it's the new model or the old eg: City & the Sonata.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nissan's Duster Version coming this Diwali

Nissan’s version of the Duster, as it is project named as NH79, will be launched sometime in October, during the festive season. The NH79, will have an absolutely new fascia, that will resemble Nissan’s existing SUV, the X-Trail. Nissan plans make a complete overhaul of the Duster, and blend it Nissan’s styling.

Nissan Duster
The side profile of the vehicle however remains the same. The front and the rear will be different. Nissan has burnt its fingers with the X-Trail, as it was a five-seater than a seven and for some reasons, Indians are in love with seven-seats. Hence, Nissan is considering adding the extra two, and just like Renault it could be offered as a dealer fitment.
Nissan Duster

On the other hand, we also hear that the Nissan’s version of Duster will also get a completely revamped interior design. So, you could see a Nissan-style steering wheel, music system and some more changes on the instrument panel. Now, the question is if the Nissan Duster will be priced more or less than the Renault. From what we understand, Nissan could even cut down the cost and price this product more aggressively than its French partner Renault.

So, the launch is slated for October or maybe even late September for this Nissan’s version of the Duster. Our sources claim that this version of the compact SUV could look more stylish and feel more premium than Renault’s version. We need to wait for some time before the vehicle is launched.

Source : http://www.cardekho.com/india-car-news/nissans-duster-coming-in-october-10429.htm?utm_campaign=27-may-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Subscribe

MegaPower Services : BOSCH Car Service Authorisation Extended for 2 more years

BOSCH has extended the BCS Authorisation for MegaPower Services for 2 more years.

Know THE Secret Weapon in your Car

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पेट्रोल की जगह हवा से चला बाइक का इंजन

जब पेट्रोल की जगह हवा से चला बाइक
का इंजन नए प्रयोग और खोज सिर्फ़ अमेरिका, ब्रिटेन और आईआईटी के
लोगों की बपौती नही है। ये साबित
किया है बागपत के एक पॉलिटेक्नीक के
छात्र ने, जिसने हवा से चलने वाला इंजन
बनाया है। वो भी 18 हज़ार में..

चार बार की असफलता के बाद सफल हुए
छात्र के प्रयोग से कॉलेज प्रशासन भी खुश है। कॉलेज प्रशासन छात्र की इस नए प्रयोग में सहायता करने के लिए हर
तरह से तैयार है।

मूल रुप से उत्तर प्रदेश के बागपत
जिले का रहने वाला मोहित जिले के कुराली स्थित शांति पॉलीटेक्निक में
(मैकेनिक आटोमोबाइल ट्रेड) अंतिम
वर्ष का छात्र है।
मोहित ने यामहा बाइक के स्ट्रोक इंजन
को हवा से चलाकर लोगों को आश्चर्यचकित कर दिया। मोहित के अनुसार दो वर्ष पूर्व कॉलेज जाते समय उसने एक ट्रक के प्रेशर ब्रेक से ओवर होने पर हवा निकलने की आवाज सुनीं थी।
इसके बाद उसने प्रेशर ब्रेक के
सिद्धांत पर हवा से चलने वाले इंजन
की कल्पना की। अपनी कल्पना को अंजाम
देने के लिए उसने कबाड़ी से चार हजार
रुपये एक यामाहा बाइक का टू-स्ट्रोक
इंजन खरीदा।
इसके बाद वह हवा से चलने वाले इंजन
को बनाने में जुट गया। इसमें उसने कॉलेज अध्यापकों से भी सलाह ली। वह चार बार अपनी खोज में असफल रहा, लेकिन
हिम्मत नहीं हारी।

एक माह पूर्व वह पांचवीं बार अपनी सोच
को हकीकत में बदलने में कामयाब
हो गया। मोहित के अनुसार उसने बाइक के
इंजन में कुछ बदलाव कर प्लग के स्थान
पर वाल्व लगाए।
हवा को कंप्रेशर के जरिए एक सिंलडर
में हाइ प्रेशर पर जमा किया। हाइ प्रेशर हवा को पाइप के माध्यम से इंजन में पहुंचाया। इससे इंजन चल पड़ा।
मोहित ने बताया कि इंजन
की क्षमता पेट्रोल से चलने वाले इंजन
के बराबर है और आरपीएम (राउंड पर मिनट) भी पूरे हैं। नई खोज को देखने वाले लोग दंग रह गए।
छात्र ने बताया कि प्रयोग में 18 हजार रुपये का खर्चा आया है। इसे उसने
अपनी पॉकेट मनी से जमा किया था।..

- सिवाए "सलाम" के मेरे पास शब्द नहीं है

Source : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=569244596449434&set=a.459347257439169.104725.459170967456798&type=1

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jammu Kashmir Diary: Welcome to INDIA of 2013!

Must Read :

Jammu Kashmir Diary: Welcome to INDIA of 2013!: Antila - Mukesh Ambani's Dream House Construction took 7 years,  4 lakhs square feet area,  27 floors, 9 lifts,  3 helipads,  1 t...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fuel Saver : : Aleds Hydrogen Add-on Kit for Petrol & Diesel Cars - Test Results of "Aleds Hydrogen Kit" at Jammu

This has reference to our post dated March 8, 2012 regarding Hydrogen Kits for Increasing Fuel Efficiency. We have since last year done a lot to research of reliable and performance oriented product. Our effort has concluded with final road tests here at Jammu for "Aleds Hydrogen Kit". 

We summarize our findings herebelow:

1. Most of the Kits available in the market were simple electrolysis devices which were breaking water (H2O) into HHO or gaseous form of H2O i.e Hydrogen & Oxygen. 

Injecting HHO into Air Intake of the Car did help in improving car's pick-up but fuel efficiency increase was not much.

2. Finally we got our hands on Aleds Hydrogen Kit and studied the difference. This kit is also based on Electrolysis but does two things differently.

a. The process of electrolysis produces Hydrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen and Oxygen is collected separately atop Negative (Cathode) and Positive (Anode) electrodes respectively. 

b. Only Hydrogen is supplied to the Air Intake System of the Car, while Oxygen is released in the atmosphere.

We decided to test this system ourselves. Before installing the kit we filled the Petrol Tank of our Car (WagonR 2003 Model done 63000 kms) and took the car for a spin with AC ON. We drove towards Hira Nagar encountering normal traffic conditions. We drove the Car at an average speed of 60 kmph to 70 kmph at times going upto 90 kmph. Total travel distance was 85 kms before we topped-up the fuel tank again. The fuel top-up required to cover 85 kms was 5.11 litres. Thus achieving fuel efficiency of 16.63 km per litre of Petrol with AC on.

We then installed the Aleds Hydrogen Kit in our Car (WagonR 2003 Model done 63000 kms).

We repeated the road test once again, but with few variation:

1. AC on

2. Average driving speed 60 to 70 kmph

3. Deliberately slowed down the car to 25/30 kmph on 4th and 5th Gear and picked up the car back to 60 kmph without lowering the gears.

4. Got caught in a traffic Jam, where we had to crawl at 5 kmph for about a km.

5. Stopped at Samba for a thirst quenching "Mountain Dew Break" without shutting down the Engine. We must have run the Car for 5 to 7 minutes on Ideal (more wasted fuel).

The trial this time was for 93 kms and after the run the fuel top-up was 4.5 litres. Thus achieving a Fuel Efficiency of 20.66 km per Litre of Petrol.

Must add here that the trial was done both times with 3 persons in the Car including the driver with AC on on both occasions.

The details of the product is reproduced here below:

Aleds Hydrogen Add-on Kits for Petrol & Diesel Cars is available for fitment at MegaPower Services, Jammu.

Call 90868 80444 for more information.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free Car A/c Checkup Camp

Free Car A/c Checkup Camp
MegaPower Services,
Near Vishal MegaMart, Kunjwani Bye Pass Road,
Jammu J&K
25th April 2013

Free Air Condition checkup at your Bosch Car Service.
Ends 30th April 2013
Sunday Closed

Facility Available:
Existing AC Gas Recovery (Exact Quantity Check by Weight & NOT Pressure), Cleaning & Recharging @ Rs. 250.00

Leak Detection @ Rs. 350.00

Car AC Cabin Filters available for M&M Scorpio, Hyundai Getz, & Maruti Swift Dzire.