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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is an agreement between insurer and insured under which insurer agrees to provide shield from financial losses resulting from an accident, in exchange for payment of premium. Auto insurance is mandatory in order to drive car. It serves an individual in the state of any contingencies by providing financial assistance as well as medical help.

Coverage under Auto Insurance:

Comprehensive auto insurance can provide lot of financial cushion to the insured. Car insurance has a wide coverage which is described below:

• Third Party Liability: Automobile insurance covers third party liability. It provides financial assistance in case person injured in the accident in case he is hospitalized and needs medical attention or in the event of death also.
• Personal Liability: Motor insurance provides personal liability as well under which personal medical attention and repairs to the car is taken care off.

How does Auto insurance Comparison help?

Auto Insurance comparison answers another question of how to get the best deal? Well, auto insurance quote provided by various insurance can be compared online to find the best deal. Auto insurance online comparison can help in finding a cheap auto insurance deal for you. Comparisons help you in savings in costs of buying the insurance.

Auto Insurance coverage:

Auto insurance generally is a wide coverage policy. It covers injuries to third party, injury to the insured and the vehicle itself. It also covers the following:
• Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones etc.
• Man-made calamities.
• Any permanent injury/death of a person.
• Any damage caused to the property.
• Any kind of disability i.e. permanent or temporary.

Benefits of Auto Insurance:

• Auto insurance provides cover in case of death to the beneficiaries of insured and third party as well.
• Auto insurance provides medical assistance in case of any injuries to the insured which can also be extended to other family members as well.
• It covers expenses occurred on fulfilling conditional lawsuits and legal fees.
• It covers repairs expenses in case of damaged vehicle and property.
• Some companies pays for alternate transportation facility in the scenario when car is damaged or stolen.


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