Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accidental Cashless Repairs (Dent Repair & Painting) : : Jammu (Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard, Universal Sompo, Future Generali, Bharti Axa, Reliance GIC, HDFC Ergo etc.)

We at MegaPower Services, Jammu have enhanced our service levels and have also entered into Cashless Repair Agreement with maximum number of Insurance Companies to ensure quality & Speedy Service to our clients.

We have Cashless Repair facilities for following General Insurance Companies:

We wish to clarify that apart from Cashless Repair Services for Cars Insured with the above mentioned Insurance companies, we also undertake accidental repairs for Cars for other Insurance Companies on Non-Cashless Basis.

For Cars with vintage of 5 years and above (where depreciation on Parts being replaced is high), we provide "low cost repair solutions" with the consent of the Car Owners and Insurance companies. 

P.S.: We also provide Insurance Cover for Cars, Goods Transport Vehicles, 2-Wheeler, 3 wheeler apart from Health Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Shopkeepers Policy, Etc.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Car & Truck Accident : : Please comment how this could have happened. Who is at Fault?

Any Guesses How These Two Managed to do this:

Folding Electric Bike : : Drive Around & Carry along your bike

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mahi Racing : : MSD & Kawasaki Sponsored Team Launched

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the current captain of Indian national cricket team, has introduced Mahi Racing Team India, which will participate in the World Super Sport Championship. He is an avid motorcycle buff and looks all set to carve a niche at the event. The participants of his team are Kenan Sofuoglu and Fabien Foret with a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. Reportedly, the first race of this season is just around the corner and both riders are all set to enthral the auto aficionados from all over the world.

MS Dhoni introducing Mahi racing team at World Super Sport Championship
MS Dhoni introducing Mahi racing team at World Super Sport Championship
During the final day of testing, Kenan recorded his second fastest time and said, “I am happy with this test because we have a new team and every time we are out, we improve the bike and improve the team. I am happy with the team.” His team mate, Foret completed the third fastest lap among the thirty five riders, who all were practising on the Philip Island race circuit. Speaking on this success, he was quoted as saying, “We are two and three on the time sheets for our new team and I feel not so bad on the bike now. The race is on Sunday and I think we have a good pace to start the race weekend with.”

MS Dhoni introducing Mahi racing team
MS Dhoni introducing Mahi racing team
With these brilliant performances, it seems that the team of Dhoni is in a solid state and if the anticipations turned into a reality, it will be the first Indian team to win the World Super Sport Championship. According to sources, MS Dhoni will also sponsor the official Kawasaki Racing Team at the season during first round of the year. Following this move, he will add to the current title sponsorship of the Kawasaki Supersport World Championship team.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buying a Car? Read this before you spend your MONEY

Having moved from a Maruti Authorised Service Station (MASS) to Multi-Brand BOSCH Car Service (BCS), I wish to share my opinion with fellow Jammuites about some facts before you invest your hard earned MONEY on a Car. If you have money to WASTE go buy any car you fancy on "Use & Throw" Policy. However, if you value your money, read this before you hand over your money to a Car Dealer.

If points to consider:

1. Use of the Car

a. Daily Commute
b. Family Car (once in a week/month use)
c. Highway travelling on regular basis
d. All of above

2. Seating Capacity

a. 1 to 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

3.  Daily Commute

a. 10 to 25 Km/day
b. upto 50 km/day
c. upto 100 km/day
d. upto 200 km/day

4. Next Car Change Planned in how many years

a. 2 to 3 years
b. 4 to 5 years
c. 6 to 7 years
d. 8 to 10 years

5. Purchase planned from

a. Own Resources (Cash)
b. Financed

Before I analyse the above factors, I wish to highlight what prompted me to write this blog. Yesterday I met a gentleman who had recently bought Renault Duster and was very happy with the quality of the car. He was also happy that the SUV needs oil change only once in a year or 10,000 km.  However, he was NOT aware that Duster uses Synthetic Oil which cost approx Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,400.00 per litre. An oil Change will cost him around Rs. Rs.7,000.00 plus during Free Service. Correct me if I am wrong.........

What I mean to say is that cost of Ownership should also be considered while Finalising the New Car Purchase.

Now back to analysing the above mentioned factors:

Let us assume you have checked the following:

1. Use of the Car : Daily Commute

2. Seating Capacity : 1 to 4

3.  Daily Commute : 10 to 25 Km/day

4. Next Car Change Planned in how many years : 2 to 3 years

5. Purchase planned from : Own Resources (Cash)

Then let us see what are we looking at :

Petrol Car : Approx 10,000 km of Car use per year would cost approx Rs. 50,000.00 per year for Petrol and just one oil Change service would add upto Rs. 3,000.00 of Service Costs. Cost of Ownership in 3 years would be Rs. 1,59,000.00.

Diesel Car : Approx 10,000 km Car use per year would cost Approx Rs. 30,000.00 per year for Diesel and just one oil change service would add upto Rs 5,000.00 of service costs. Cost of ownership in 3 years would be Rs 1.05,000.00

Friday, February 15, 2013

Protect your Car's Underbody from Rust : : Opt for Anti-Rust Treatment for your Car

Corrosion is a natural process that attacks the underbody and internal panels. Protect your vehicle from corrosion by applying the 3M™ Anti-corrosion Treatments. 3M™ Anti-corrosion Treatments provide exceptional durability and offer complete rust protection.

Long-term protection against corrosion. Protection of internal body panels, frame rails and other inner cavities that are not physically accessible but are prone to corrosion.
Sound deadening property : A noiseless, smooth driving experience by minimizing sound underneath the car.
Heat insulation property : Creates comfortable interiors by insulating the interior of the car from extreme temperatures from beneath the vehicle.
Anti-chipping property : The protective coating does not chip if any stone or sharp object hits against the coated area.
Underbody Protection
Underbody Protection doesn't just prevent rust in your car's under-body caused by water and time, but also deadens road sounds, insulates against the heat & cold and prevents chipping due to stones.
Before Protection
Before Protection
After Protection
After Protection
Book your Car for Anti-Rust Treatment of your car's underbody : Call - 90868 20444