Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get more from per litre of Petrol

With the steepest single hike in petrol price (by Rs. 7.50/litre), it is important to maximise the distance travelled per litre. There is NO single formula for this but following few tips can increase fuel efficiency for your car:

1. Drive the car softly; meaning donot accelerate and/or deaccelerate rapidly. Drive at max speed of 60 to 70 kmph and you will get best mileage per litre of the petrol.

2. Take out any unwanted weight from the car.

3. Get your car a good tune up and Use higher viscosity Engine oil. 20W40 is a thing of the past go for 15W30 or Synthetic Oil 0W10.

4. Get your car tyre pressure checked regularly. If Possible opt for Tyre inflation with Nitrogen Gas. Nitrogen Gas is Lighter and stays Cool even on long travels. Very little expansion, keeps the tyres cool there by giving better mileage per litre and also saves tyres from wear and tear.

5. Do NOT run your car on Idle for long. If the wait is for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine.

6. In summers the fue efficiency is hit by running AC. The AC needs to be checked for proper Gas quantity and cleanliness of Cooling Coils. Get this done and the Car AC will cut off more often yet keeping the car cabin cool. More often the AC cuts off better the Fuel efficiency.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

62-yr-old on 25,000 km expedition in Nano

To travel across all 28 states of India and neighbouring Bhutan in a Tata Nano car covering around 25,000 kms is no easy task. Yet, this is being attempted by 62-year-old Kochi-based car enthusiast Thomas Chacko, who has so far covered 5,400 km in the small car and reached Guwahati on Saturday.
Starting his journey from Mumbai on May 3, Chacko has so far travelled through Indore, Bhopal, Khajuraho, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Ranchi, Murshidabad, Malda, Jalpaiguri, Gangtok and Darjeeling before entering Bhutan.
From Thimphu, he drove down to Assam border and then went directly to Shillong, before retracing his steps back to Guwahati.
Kerala: 62-yr-old on 25,000 km expedition in Nano
"It is not a joyride but an expedition to explore the country and know the people," Thomas said in Guwahati on Sunday.
He will depart from Guwahati tomorrow and then travel through other North-Eastern states, before leaving for Kolkata from where he will head to south India by the east coast, before going to other parts of the country.
Thomas, a company secretary by qualification who also has authored two books, including a historical novel, plans to write another based on his experience during the tour.
"I have thought of a title for the book 'Mano on Nano: India to its Farthest Corner'," said Thomas, who is also an avid blogger.
Asked how it all started, he said: "About two years ago, a friend of mine Suresh Jacob undertook a trip across India in a Swift. I helped him turn his blogs about the journey into a book and that is when the idea came that I should also go on a similar expedition and that also in a Nano."
Thomas's trip is being sponsored by Tata Motors. "The car they provided is just a simple ordinary Nano, which had travelled 3,000 km before this trip, and without any modifications except for a new stereo system," he said.
Thomas, who spent his student days in Kolkata and was a local bike racing champion during the 1970s, said the trip has so far been fun.
"In Shillong, I went to a Bengali restaurant and had Hilsa after many years. Besides, in last few days, since entering North East my Bangla has got back some of its old touch," he said.
Till Guwahati, Thomas was accompanied by his wife Geetha, who is a school teacher. She is, however, returning back home from Guwahati on Monday.
"Many of our friends teased us saying it is second honeymoon for us. While I will be accompanied by somebody or other during most of the trip, it is only I who will drive the car," Thomas said.
Once his wife returns, Thomas will be joined by his brother-in-law for the rest of the duration of travelling through the North East. Then his Malaysia-based daughter will join him in Kolkata, while his Bangalore-based son will be with him during the Ladakh phase of the trip.
"I try to start early and finish up by around 4 pm and avoid travelling during night-time. On a day, I travel an average of 300 km, though no the first day of the expedition in the Mumbai-Indore segment, I travelled 652 km," he said.
Thomas said so far he has seen the best traffic rules in Bhutan and among Indian states in Sikkim.
From Guwahati, he will head for Tawang in the Indo-China border in Arunachal Pradesh and is confident the car will not give any problems in the hilly terrain.
"In Darjeeling hills, Sikkim and Bhutan, it ran without any problems," Thomas said.
He is targeting to finish off his expedition in Mumbai by late July.
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Sunday Special : : Car Parts - How Many?????

Let the Picture do the talking:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Car A/C Special Service at Jammu

Rs.1550.00 Car Air Conditioning Special. 

BOSCH AC Service (R-134A): Leak test A/C System. Evacuate A/C System. Check Fan Belts. Performance Test on A/C System. 
MegaPower Services is an Authorised BOSCH Car Service latest Technology and competitive prices. Our 2000 square foot secured facility is very clean, highly efficient and equipped with the latest technology to service and repair both luxury and standard cars.

Services Offered at MegaPower Services
Oil Change Service
Brakes and Suspension
Alignments, Shocks and Struts
Cooling System and Radiator Service
Belts and Hoses
Fuel Injection Service
Computerized Engine Diagnostics
Electrical Systems Diagnosis
Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services
Engine Repair
Transmission, Differential, Clutch Services
Heating and Air conditioning



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maruti all set to launch new hatchback model around Diwali to regain market share

Maruti all set to launch new hatchback
The new car will be priced below Alto and above that of the Maruti 800.
The country's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL) is all set to launch its new hatchback around Diwali in an attempt to regain its market share , which has been falling steadily over the years.

"The work on the car is going on and the company is planning to launch it before Diwali. The car will be priced below Alto and above that of the Maruti 800. This will be a big booster for the company. At present, the company is working on the pricing of the diesel variant," a senior official from MSIL toldMail Today on the condition of anonymity. However, the company refused to comment on the upcoming car officially and said they do not comment on their future models.

The parent Suzuki Motor Company already markets a mini-compact car in Japan with an engine capacity of less than 800 cc. This is the company's attempt to revive their bread-and-butter model, which once drove their volumes. According to sources, the company will launch a new entry-level hatchback before phasing out M800 as competition is mounting from Hyundai's Eon and with a diesel variant of the Nano being also on the anvil.

Maruti Suzuki, which earlier use to account for over 50 per cent sales in the passenger car market,has lost its share to rivals such as Hyundai, which markets the hot-selling i10 and 120 models, and diesel variants of GM's Beat. The market share of Maruti is now down to around 40 per cent as the strike at the Manesar plant has also taken its toll.

The sales of its mini-segment cars, including M800, AStar, Alto and WagonR, fell by 26.4 per cent to 30,720 units in April this year against 41,744 units in April 2011.

Maruti Suzuki India on Tuesday reported a mere 3.6 per cent increase in total vehicle sales in the domestic market to 90,255 units during April 2012. The company's passenger car sales, which exclude vans and utility vehicles, in the domestic market declined by 1.3 per cent to 72,939 units last month from 73,905 units in the same month of 2011, it added.

Sales of the DZiRE model last month rose by 31.5 per cent to 15,510 units, from 11,797 units in April last year. While its compact segment (Estilo, Swift and Ritz) saw a 43 per cent jump in sales to 26,072 units in April. The company is also facing continuous slide in sales of its mid-sized sedan SX4's which by 69.8 per cent to a meager 634 units from 2,102 units sold in April 2011. Luxury sedan Kizashi also witnessed 91.4 per cent fall in sales at 3 units as against 35 units in the same month last year.

Courtesy: Mail Today

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Get your Car's A/C Cabin Filters Cleaned/Replaced for better cooling & Air Circulation


Bosch Cabin Air Filters

Are generally found under the hood, inside the glove box or under the dashboard.

Key Features
Bosch Cabin Air Filters deliver original equipment fit and quality for cleaner, healthier passenger cabin air.
Pollen and harmful substances inside a vehicle can be up to six times more concentrated than outside. Bosch Premium Cabin Filters prevent harmful spores and pollen from entering the vehicle interior and keep passengers and downstream HVAC components protected.
A cabin filter works much like the air filter used with your furnace and/or air conditioning system in your home. Replace your cabin filter regularly with a Bosch Premium Cabin Filter and trap close to 100% of airborne contaminants before they enter the interior of your vehicle through the heating and air conditioning system.

1. Find the right cabin filter(s) for your vehicle.

Activated Charcoal Filter with its innovative five-layer design or an absorbent three-layer Particulate Filter. 
Cabin filters are also known by an assortment of other names, such as pollen filters, interior air filters,
breather filters, micro filters, micron air filters, air conditioning filters, interior ventilation filters, dust filters
and dust/pollen filters.

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