Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get more from per litre of Petrol

With the steepest single hike in petrol price (by Rs. 7.50/litre), it is important to maximise the distance travelled per litre. There is NO single formula for this but following few tips can increase fuel efficiency for your car:

1. Drive the car softly; meaning donot accelerate and/or deaccelerate rapidly. Drive at max speed of 60 to 70 kmph and you will get best mileage per litre of the petrol.

2. Take out any unwanted weight from the car.

3. Get your car a good tune up and Use higher viscosity Engine oil. 20W40 is a thing of the past go for 15W30 or Synthetic Oil 0W10.

4. Get your car tyre pressure checked regularly. If Possible opt for Tyre inflation with Nitrogen Gas. Nitrogen Gas is Lighter and stays Cool even on long travels. Very little expansion, keeps the tyres cool there by giving better mileage per litre and also saves tyres from wear and tear.

5. Do NOT run your car on Idle for long. If the wait is for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine.

6. In summers the fue efficiency is hit by running AC. The AC needs to be checked for proper Gas quantity and cleanliness of Cooling Coils. Get this done and the Car AC will cut off more often yet keeping the car cabin cool. More often the AC cuts off better the Fuel efficiency.

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