Thursday, March 15, 2012

Car AC Evaporator (Cooling Coil) inside Blower needs periodic Cleaning

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As summer is approaching I find it fit to advise Car Owners to get the Car AC checked, Blower Cleaned and for older vehicles (more then 3 years old) to get their AC Evaporator (cooling Coil) cleaned.

To explain what I am talking about let me use some pictures:

Since the Air flow is always through the Evaporator or Heater Coil inside the Blower body (hidden inside the Dashboard of the car), in case dust is embedded in the coil, the FLOW of Air will be restricted and even the cooling will be less as dust creates insulating layer between the Cooling Coil and Air.

If you feel that Air Flow of your Car blower has reduced, this could be the reason.

The correct way to rectify this is to:

1. Get The AC Gas Recovered (Saved)

2. Dismantle the Dashboard

3. Remove the Blower Casing/Body

4. Open the Blower Casings and remove the Car AC Evaporator (Cooling Coil)
Blower Casing shown here below:
Fig 230 is Evaporator/Cooling Coil while 200 is Heater Coil

5. Get it Washed Thoroughly

 View of Dismantled Dashboard for removal of Blower Assembly
Blower Assembly behind the Dashboard

Opened Blower Assembly with Cooling Coil washed 
The Dirt removed from the Cooling Coil

This Dirt was reducing Cooling as well as Air Flow through the Blower

6. Reassemble the Air Blower and Dashboard

7. Refill the Recovered AC Gas

That normally takes 4 to 6 hours depending upon the Car.

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  1. The evaporator cooling coil of air conditioning units truly need periodic cleaning. This would ensure the equipment's efficiency. These tips that you have shared regrading the matter are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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