Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vintage Car Rally at New Delhi (Pics & Video)

The Indian Design Forum opened in capital today with a classic car parade, consisting of 21 classic and vintage cars.

The forum used the parade to highlight how a good design is everlasting using: how the cars are still going strong despite being more than half a century old, in some cases.

The cars were some of the most well known automobiles ever. From a red, shimmering Ford Mustang to a flamboyant Chevrolet BelAir or a princely Rolls Royce Phantom I, each car was like a page out of automobile history. The parade was flagged off by Home Minister P. Chidambaram and Indian racing star Narain Kathikeyan in central Delhi. The convoy, escorted by 8 Tata Arias, circled India Gate and drove through the boulevards of Lutyen's Delhi before returning to the starting point.
Noted lawyer and Heritage Motoring Club of India (HMCI) president, K.T.S. Tulsi was at the wheels of his 1934 Austin. "This car was originally purchased by the Nawab of Lucknow as a birthday gift for his daughter. He received it from its only dealership in Kolkata and drove it all the way to Lucknow," Tulsi said about his vintage car.
"But after his daughter, no one paid any attention to this car and it was to be sold as scrap when I bought it," he added. The car, a creamy brown beauty, with matching leather upholstery, was surprisingly comfortable even though the interior space didn't look like much from outside. Crafted from solid steel, Tulsi said that the car was "heavier than cars twice as long". According to Tulsi, the Austin was amongst the first cars to have suspensions or a fuel pump.
Fellow motoring enthusiast and HMCI general secretary Diljeet Titus was present at the event with his 1930 Stutz LeBaron.
The parade also included novelties such as the BMW Isetta, a 300 c.c. two seater -- had one door opened out in front with an attached steering.

Source (IANS)


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