Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Special : : Stone(age) Car ::

I saw this on FaceBook and Liked it instantly. Good for LandMarking:

Will try to build something like this outside my workshop so that people remember and refer the Landmark!

Remove Black Films or any other material tampering with the original form of the windscreen or side windows of vehicles before May 4 or face action

Motorists across the country have to remove black films or any other material tampering with the original form of the safety glass, windscreen or side windows of vehicles before May 4 or face action.

The Supreme Court has ordered a complete ban on use of tinted plastic films irrespective of the degree of visibility on windscreens and other glass panels of vehicles throughout the country.

Giving time to vehicle owners to bring their vehicles back in the shape it was provided by the manufacturer, a bench presided over by Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia directed police officers to start taking action from May 4.

The bench said police officers should not only issue challans but also remove the black films from the offending vehicles.

"No black film or any material can be pasted on the windscreens or side glasses of a vehicle," the bench said, imposing a complete ban on plastic films in unambiguous terms.

On the Central Motor Vehicle Rules mandating a minimum visibility of 70 per cent for windscreens and 50 per cent for side windows, the court said the parameters were for manufactures but once the vehicles came into the hands of buyers the specifications could not be changed. "None can be permitted to create his own device to bring down the percentage of the VLT (Visual Light Transmission) thereafter,'' the court said.

Seeking strict compliance, the court said the use of black films had proved to be criminal's paradise and a social evil. Vehicles with tinted glasses helped criminals escape after committing heinous crimes such as sexual assault against women, robberies, kidnapping etc.

"The Rules are mandatory and nobody has the authority in law to mould these rules for the purposes of convenience or luxury and certainly not for crime,'' the court said.

On certain VIPs/VVIPs using tinted glasses in their vehicles, the court said even that practice was not supported by law. The government could, however, consider granting them exemption in accordance with law.

The order came on a PIL by Avishek Goenka who had submitted that tinted glasses not only helped criminals but was also responsible for a large number of accidents. He had pointed out that several countries, including Pakistan, had banned black films.

CT Polytechnic (Jammu) Technocrats make ‘AABBS’, expandable car

Students of CT Polytechnic have left everbody stunned by making a car that changes its length as per need. In other words a flexible car that fits in every space like over-parked lots, heavy traffic and a tiny garage.

The car can transform itself from four seated to two seated in few seconds with just a turn of hydraulic lever.

The idea is the brain child of final year Automobile Engineering students (Ashwani, Abhishek, Badal, Bhumit and Sunnish Srivastava) who have taken initiative to find a solution for ever increasing traffic kiosks and congested vehicle parking lots.

The magical transformation has been made possible by centrally located hydraulic unit that stretches the vehicle with the help of guide railing with roller arrangements, providing 18“ full extension length. The longitudinal member slides over guides with low friction rollers to provide drawer like fitment. The floor panel is also reinforced to provide a rigid base structure. The exhaust system is also retuned and redesigned to suit the alterations.

The additional feature of the car is less turning radius on compact mode ie @ 3.8 metre, that further increases the maneuverability. The project cost of the car is 1.2 lakhs.

The entire body of AABBS consists of Pre-preg composite, a modern plastic material while the engine is the same as Maruti 800. At fully stretched the vehicle provides more legroom space whereas on contract mode, rear seats can be folded down to resemble a sports makeover.

Chairman of CT Group, S Charanjit Singh Channi lauded the achievement of the students.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Warning : Oil Spill Gang of Thieves on the prowl in Jammu

This is to inform all Car Owners in Jammu that an Oil Spill Gang of thieves are on the prowl in Jammu. Their modus operandi is to carry old used engine oil and spot cars with brief cases in the car.

The Group of "Oil Spill Gang" first throws Oil on the Car Front Grill. As the car owner comes back and "unlocks" the car, a member of "Oil Spill Gang" mostly a child approaches the Car Owner and informs him about the oil on the car front bumper. As the Panic Stricken Car Owner checks the Oil Spill on the car and under the bonnet/hood, the other members of the Gang picks the bag from the car and runs away.

The game of distraction to pick up the bags from the car has already caused loss to few car owners in Jammu.

Please spread this word and caution other unsuspecting car owners.

Bosch to expand diesel engine component capacity by 30-50%

MUMBAI: German auto component maker Robert Bosch is expanding the manufacturing capacity of critical components for diesel vehicles by 30-50% to cash-in on the growing demand of diesel vehicles in India. 

The group said a significant part of the Rs 1,000 crore of investment lined up for 2012 will go into creating diesel engine component capacity. 

"We have seen a very significant increase in demand for diesel cars," V K Viswanathan, Managing Director Bosch Ltd and president Bosch Group India, told ET. "The share of diesel cars has gone up from 32-33% to more than 40% and we may see that increasing to 45-50% in the next few years. We had anticipated this much earlier and we are gearing up to meet that demand." 

The company has expanded production capacity of classical nozzle holder from 17,000 a day to 26,500, common rail injectors from 6,000 to 9,000 and DSLA nozzle from 18,000 to 30,500 a day. All these are key components of diesel vehicles produced in India. 

Bosch has also expanded the production space at its plants in Nashik in Maharashtra and Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Bosch has 85% share of the diesel injection system market in the country. More than 60% of diesel-run vehicles in India use engine components from the Stuttgart-based company. 

Viswanathan said he expects the vehicle market in India to remain sluggish in the first half of 2012, but the expected rates cuts from the Reserve Bank, a normal monsoon and launch of new car models will spur demand in the second half. 

"We are cautiously optimistic about the year as a whole. Replicating 2011 growth (of 21%) in 2012 looks difficult. But you can't write off the industry. If the second half really takes off, we will see close to that kind of growth levels," Viswanathan said. 

In additional News : 

Bosch Stall Inaugurated at the Indo-German Pavilion in Mumbai

The Bosch stall was inaugurated today at the Indo-German Pavilion in Mumbai today at Cross Maidan by Mr. VK Viswanathan, Managing Director Bosch Limited and President Bosch Group India. The mobile exhibition commemorating collaborative celebration titled “Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities” will cover the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Pune.

The Bosch stall at the Pavilion will showcase solutions from Bosch “for the cities of the future”. The solutions Bosch has worked on innovations that have made technology cleaner, safer and more comfortable. Today, nearly 300,000 Bosch associates across the world are carrying on this tradition through pioneering work across core business segments, and looking forward to a brighter future driven by innovation. Some of the innovations highlighted at the exhibition will include E-Mobility – emission free mobility for future, Renewable Energies – Emission free energy supply from renewable energies, Energy Solutions – Technologies for safer, cleaner and more efficient energy supply, Safety and Security – Safeguarding public and private spaces better and Power Tools – Working on innovations that will build the cities of tomorrow.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. VK Viswanathan, Managing Director, Bosch Limited said “We are proud to be a part of such a historical milestone for India and Germany. The event will help us showcase the path breaking solutions we have been working on for cities of both countries.”
The Indo-German Pavilion is the centrepiece of the year of Germany in India. The exhibition has a set of modern multi-purpose exhibitions, designed especially for the purpose by renowned German artist Markus Heinsdorff. The concept behind this exhibition space combines design elements from both countries with state-of-the-art textile technology, thereby creating a symbiosis of art, architecture and technology. 

Spread over a period of 10 months, the Indo-German Urban Mela will travel to Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi and Pune after the inaugural exhibition at Mumbai.

Special Offer :: Car A/C Service

We are pleased to announce spacial offer for May, June & July 2012:

Car Air-Conditioning Service at Specially Discounted Price (SDP):

* Air Blower Cleaning Rs. 150/- (included cleaning of Cabin Filters where applicable) ---> SDP Rs. 50.00

* AC Cooing Coil/Evaporator Cleaning Rs. 800/- ---> SDP Rs. 600.00

* AC Gas Top-up Rs. 310.00/100 gms ---> SDP Rs. 240.00/100 gms

* Compete AC Gas filling Rs.1550/- (Including Compressor Oil Filling) --->SDP Rs. 1350.00

* Complete Gas Recovery, Cleaning/Filtering of Old Gas, Vacuum, Leak-Testing, Refilling of New Compressor Oil & Clean Filtered AC Gas Rs.450.00 ---> Rs. 250.00
(Incase, AC Gas recovered is less then the actual Gas as per car specs, additional Gas Filling will be charged @Rs 240.00/100 gms)

The above mentioned Services shall be offered using BOSCH Fully Automatic AC Service Unit

Visit us at

MegaPower Services

Authorised BOSCH Car Service
Bye Pass Road, Near Vishal Mega Mart
Kunjwani, Jammu Ph 92054 31499



Friday, April 27, 2012

TaTa Nano : : Why NANO Sales have failed to pick up?

It has been 3 years since Launch of Tata Motors' NANO and 2 years since shifting of it's plant from Singur (West Bengal) to Sanand (Gujarat).

Nano had received phenomenal response of over 2 lac booking initially and yet till date the total sales have been just around 1.75 lacs since Launch in 2009.

The basic reason for the lack lustrous performance in terms of the sales of Nano can be listed as below:

1. Tata did not create separate dealership for NANO cars

2. The Existing Dealers did not create a separate Team for Nano Sales

3. Pre-2012 Model did not impact the market sentiments.

4. The Launch of 2012 model and it's extensive ad campaign did work for Tata as the sale picked up :

"From January to March 2012, Nano posted a good hike in sales from 7,223 to 9,217 to 10,475 units for January, February and March respectivelyAs quoted by Tata Motor’s Nano Sales Yet To Make Big

My Take on the Issue:

If only Tata Motors would have created a network of small Sub-Dealers like Hero Honda, for providing Sales, Spares and Service in association with small car workshops in and around their Dealer-Cities, The sale would have picked up to much higher figures.

The Sub-Dealer would operate under the City Tata Motor Dealer.

A Small Car Service workshop has great influence on it's customers. The clients invariably seeks advise from such small workshops regarding upgrading his/her car and/or even for buying a Pre-Owned Car/Second hand car. I am running my  workshop - MegaPower Services - and do advise atleast 20 to 30 clients every month on sale and purchase of their cars.

Tata Motors must use this vast network of Small Workshops  and I am sure the result would be phenomenal.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nitrogen Tyre Inflator NOW available at MegaPower Services, BOSCH Car Service, JAMMU

BOSCH Nitrogen Tyre Inflator has been installed at MegaPower Services, BOSCH Car Service, Jammu on 25th Apri 2012. The Installation and training of the equipment took place at the end of highly successful DG Mela (BOSCH Diagnostic Equipment Mela) at Jammu.

The BOSCH NTI (Nitrogen Tyre Inflator) being formally Commissioned at MegaPower Service, Jammu

The BOSCH NTI (Nitrogen Tyre Inflator) being formally Commissioned at MegaPower Service, Jammu

The Staff of  MegaPower Services being trained for use of The BOSCH NTI (Nitrogen Tyre Inflator)

Benefits of Nitrogen in Tyres:

Increased Life of the Tyre by upto 25%

* Tyres stay inflated longer because nitrogen molecules are bigger and thus takes longer to leak.

* By filing 97% pure Nitrogen, Oxygen is eliminated within the tyres, which saves internal oxidation of the Tyres and Rims

* Tyre run cooler with Nitrogen.

Better Fuel Economy by 3% to 6%

* Nitrogen reduces tyre heat and therefore reduces rolling resistance.

* Decreased Rolling Resistance results in significant INCREASE in Fuel Economy.

Improved Safety

* Nitrogen is Inert non-flammable.
* Avoids risks of tyre explosion in case of accident or tyre burst
* The size of molecule if Nitrogen is bigger so in case of puncture, Nitrogen leaks slowly giving more time to drive a puncture tyre (Applicable to Tubeless Tyres)

Environment Friendly

* Nitrogen reduces fuel losses due to under Inflation.

* As a result, less pollution and less waste.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Day of BOSCH Diagnostic Mela at MegaPower Services, Jammu

The BOSCH DG Mela started today at MegaPower Services, Jammu

The BOSCH DG Mela to continue today 24/4/2012 & 25/4/2012

Mr Ashish Gupta explaining features of Bat131 (BOSCH Battery Tester) to Director State Transport Deptt. 

Mr Ashish Gupta explaining features of  BOSCH Diesel Exhaust Analyzer) to Director State Transport Deptt. 

Mr Ashish Gupta explaining features of NIT - Niterogen Gas Inflators for Tyres to Director State Transport Deptt. 

Mr Rajat Sawhney explaining features of Bat131ACS (BOSCH Fully Automatic AC Gas Service Unit) to GM Service/K C Motors 

Mr Rajat Sawhney explaining features of Bat131ACS (BOSCH Fully Automatic AC Gas Service Unit) to GM Service/K C Motors 

Mr Rahul Sahai of Republic Motors

Mr Vinod Dhawan & Mr Rajat Sawhney discussing BOSCH DG Product line with Mr Choudhary of Chaudhary Motors/BOSCH EXPress Car Service, Channi Himmat

Nitrogen Gas Inflator by BOSCH today ordered by MegaPower Services.
MegaPower Services will be able to provide Tyre Filling with Nitrogen @ Rs. 25/- per tyre from 26th April 2012

Mr. Liju Lekshman explaining the benefits of BOSCH Diagnostic Machines to Commanding Officer of GREF Field Workshop

Mr. Liju Lekshman explaining the benefits of BOSCH Diagnostic Machines to Commanding Officer of GREF Field Workshop

Mr. Oberoi of M/s Oberoi Service Centre, BOSCH Diesel Service, Narwal Bye Pass, Jammu