Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fed-up with your High Service Labour Costs for Car?

We offer unique 50% Labour Discount Card to you for your Car Service Bills. This Card once purchased will entitle you to avail 50% discount on ALL Service Labour Rates at our Workshop.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Paying High Labour Charges for Car Oil Change?

Spend way lesser than Regular Oil Change provided Engine Oil & Oil Filter is bought from our Workshop.
This offer is limited to Cars of Maruti and Hyundai.
The Engine Oil used will be from Mobil or Shell.
Pay your Labour Charges NOW to book this special discounted offer. Limited slots for this discount.

Book Your Oil Change at heavy Labour discount

CONTEST : What will be "Suffix" to Santro for 2018 model instead of "Xing"?

CONTEST : What will be "Suffix" to Santro for 2018 model instead of "Xing"? Contest Starts on 16th August 2018 and Name reveal by Hyundai on 4th of Oct 2018. Vehicle Launch in last week of Oct 2018. #SANTRO2018 #CONTEST

MARAZZO : : First Look at the Innova challenger from #MahindraU321 is #M...

It's official! The #MahindraU321 is christened #Marazzo, which means shark in Basque. The vehicle is due for launch in the second quarter of FY2019. #Pininfarina and Mahindra Design Centre have jointly designed the vehicle.