Sunday, January 27, 2013

Car Modification : : ICE (Maruti 800 Modified) Car to Electric Car - MegaPower EV

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Making of MegaPower EV

ICE = Internal Combustion Engine
BEC = Battery Electric Car

What do we have :

A Maruti 800 stripped down shell.

What we need to do:

Remove all parts which we will NOT need in an Electric Car:

Petrol Engine,
Petrol Tank,
Exhaust Pipe Line,
Petrol Pipe Lines,

Retain all parts which we WILL need in an Electric Car:

Transmission Box/Gear Box,
Clutch Assembly,
Complete Interior

What do we need to source to finish the Electric Car:

DC Motor,
Motor Controller,
Battery Charger,
Foot Pedal Accelerator for Motor Controller,
Contact Breakers,

While I put my boys to work on the car shell to make it as light as possible and strong enough to take the weight of the Batteries, I start looking for the items needed as mentioned above.

First Item on the list is a DC Motor. What am I looking for in a DC Motor:

The Specifications of Maruti 800 Car are as follows:

Overall length3335 mm
Overall width1440 mm
Overall height1405 mm
Wheelbase2175 mm
Minimum turning radius4.4 m
Ground clearance170 mm
Seating Capacity4 persons
Unladen weight655 kg (AC EURO I) 640 Kg (AC EURO I) 665 kg (AC EURO II) 650 Kg (AC EURO II)
Laden weight1000 kg
Type4 stroke cycle, water cooled SOHC (1C2V)
No. of cylinders3
Piston displacement796 cc
Maximum output (Std.,AC)37 bhp at 5000 rpm
Maximum torque (Std.,AC)59 Nm at 2500 rpm
Power Transmission
Std., AC4-forward, all synchromesh, 1 reverse
Steering typeRack & Pinion
FrontMcPherson strut & coil spring
RearCoil spring with gas filled shock absorbers
Tyre sizeRadial 145/70 R-12
Fuel tank capacity30 litres (EURO I), 28 litres (EURO II)

Since we are looking to replace a 40 HP ICE with a DC Motor, Let us see what should be the specifications of the DC Traction Motor:

I googled my search for my need and this is what I get:

"First of all, it depends on how many volts you run the system at. Any given motor can deliver more or less horsepower with more or less voltage. A medium size, typical DC motor adequate to move a Mustang or Porsche along at a zippy clip pulls 120-144 volts from the batteries, and gives something like 30-40hp continuous, 70-80hp peak. The larger sized DC motor, similar voltage system, gives more like 40-50hp continuous, 100hp peak.

That's probably lot fewer than you were thinking, given your experience, huh?
This is why: Internal Combustion Engines, or ICE-machines - hehe - use most of their horsepower to get from 0-45 mph. Once you get up to speed, most of the horses in your ICE machine are standing around in the pasture, doing nothing but eating up all the grass.

Oops, took that metaphor too far, didn't I?

On the other hand, an electric motor (especially the DC motor) is very clever at getting from 0-45 mph effortlessly. Think of an electric drill, and all the torque it delivers when you first pull the trigger! Yes, it does that with the car, too. That's why we fall in love with the feel of electric drive, and get that "EV grin".
Then once you get up to speed, those horses go on vacation as well, just like in the ICE-machine; but with an electric motor, they don't eat. They just stand there waiting for orders."

Now having understood the basic concept, I have to decide on the following issues:

1. The Car Needs to be 144 Volt System (either 12 volt x 12 Batteries of 100 Ah Capacity or 6 volt x 24 Batteries of 100 Ah capacity).

2. Need DC Motor 72 to 144 VDC Traction Motor

3. Controller for the above

4. Battery Charger for the Battery Bank above.

5. Related electrical components and wires.

I will continue to update this blog with dates of updates. I need to research, google, contact, resource parts for the above mentioned build and need time. Will be back soon and will inform thru Twitter & Facebook as an when new updates are posted by me. I will keep posting images of the BEC (Battery Electric Car) Build as we progress.

Request : If any reader of this blog has any input to provide please do post your comments here below. Your guidance will be acknowledged.

Update 1 (on 17th Feb 2013)

The guidance by one of THE friendly reader of this blog lead me to this web page "White Lightningwhich has helped me understand this conversion project very well.

By Next Week I would be able to post some pics of the actual work being done at my workshop for this conversion.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"When I grow up I want to be Mercedes" Cars taking the old bumper sticker seriously

There seems to be trend motivated by the old Bumper Sticker which reads like this:

"When I Grow up I want to be Mercedes"

Hatchback seems to be growing boots from no where these days.

The trend in India started with Swift growing into Dzire

And then A-Star is ined up to get a boot too:

2013 Maruti Suzuki A-Star sedan rendered image

And Now we hear Nano growing a boot too:

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