Friday, April 13, 2012

Post Maruti Suzuki Launch : Public Reviews

Twitter Reviews for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga are reproduced herebelow:

Maruti Ertiga launched in India with a shocking price of Rs 5.89 lakh  by Jashan Maan @mannjashan

Maruti has a killer - Ertiga priced at 5.89 ex-shwrm del... It's gonna create a new segment.. :) by 

FuNkYfrEaK™ @arorapranay86

Maruti launches another ravishing product....d MUV Ertiga....a wonderful breather of change & an affordable route to efficient technology! by Shasank Nagavarapu @shasank911

Tempted to buy! by Megha Ghosh @MeghaGhosh

morning newspaper and full page  on it ..... happy to seemaruti launching this section cars !!!!! by 

vaibhav kalia @imvabb

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