Friday, April 27, 2012

TaTa Nano : : Why NANO Sales have failed to pick up?

It has been 3 years since Launch of Tata Motors' NANO and 2 years since shifting of it's plant from Singur (West Bengal) to Sanand (Gujarat).

Nano had received phenomenal response of over 2 lac booking initially and yet till date the total sales have been just around 1.75 lacs since Launch in 2009.

The basic reason for the lack lustrous performance in terms of the sales of Nano can be listed as below:

1. Tata did not create separate dealership for NANO cars

2. The Existing Dealers did not create a separate Team for Nano Sales

3. Pre-2012 Model did not impact the market sentiments.

4. The Launch of 2012 model and it's extensive ad campaign did work for Tata as the sale picked up :

"From January to March 2012, Nano posted a good hike in sales from 7,223 to 9,217 to 10,475 units for January, February and March respectivelyAs quoted by Tata Motor’s Nano Sales Yet To Make Big

My Take on the Issue:

If only Tata Motors would have created a network of small Sub-Dealers like Hero Honda, for providing Sales, Spares and Service in association with small car workshops in and around their Dealer-Cities, The sale would have picked up to much higher figures.

The Sub-Dealer would operate under the City Tata Motor Dealer.

A Small Car Service workshop has great influence on it's customers. The clients invariably seeks advise from such small workshops regarding upgrading his/her car and/or even for buying a Pre-Owned Car/Second hand car. I am running my  workshop - MegaPower Services - and do advise atleast 20 to 30 clients every month on sale and purchase of their cars.

Tata Motors must use this vast network of Small Workshops  and I am sure the result would be phenomenal.

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  1. Nano sales for the month of January 2013 dipped to just 1,504 units as against 7,723 units in January 2012, while for February 2013, Nano sales stood at 1505 units as compared to 9217 units sold in Feb 2012