Saturday, April 28, 2012

Special Offer :: Car A/C Service

We are pleased to announce spacial offer for May, June & July 2012:

Car Air-Conditioning Service at Specially Discounted Price (SDP):

* Air Blower Cleaning Rs. 150/- (included cleaning of Cabin Filters where applicable) ---> SDP Rs. 50.00

* AC Cooing Coil/Evaporator Cleaning Rs. 800/- ---> SDP Rs. 600.00

* AC Gas Top-up Rs. 310.00/100 gms ---> SDP Rs. 240.00/100 gms

* Compete AC Gas filling Rs.1550/- (Including Compressor Oil Filling) --->SDP Rs. 1350.00

* Complete Gas Recovery, Cleaning/Filtering of Old Gas, Vacuum, Leak-Testing, Refilling of New Compressor Oil & Clean Filtered AC Gas Rs.450.00 ---> Rs. 250.00
(Incase, AC Gas recovered is less then the actual Gas as per car specs, additional Gas Filling will be charged @Rs 240.00/100 gms)

The above mentioned Services shall be offered using BOSCH Fully Automatic AC Service Unit

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MegaPower Services

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Kunjwani, Jammu Ph 92054 31499



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