Saturday, April 28, 2012

Warning : Oil Spill Gang of Thieves on the prowl in Jammu

This is to inform all Car Owners in Jammu that an Oil Spill Gang of thieves are on the prowl in Jammu. Their modus operandi is to carry old used engine oil and spot cars with brief cases in the car.

The Group of "Oil Spill Gang" first throws Oil on the Car Front Grill. As the car owner comes back and "unlocks" the car, a member of "Oil Spill Gang" mostly a child approaches the Car Owner and informs him about the oil on the car front bumper. As the Panic Stricken Car Owner checks the Oil Spill on the car and under the bonnet/hood, the other members of the Gang picks the bag from the car and runs away.

The game of distraction to pick up the bags from the car has already caused loss to few car owners in Jammu.

Please spread this word and caution other unsuspecting car owners.

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