Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Get your Car's A/C Cabin Filters Cleaned/Replaced for better cooling & Air Circulation


Bosch Cabin Air Filters

Are generally found under the hood, inside the glove box or under the dashboard.

Key Features
Bosch Cabin Air Filters deliver original equipment fit and quality for cleaner, healthier passenger cabin air.
Pollen and harmful substances inside a vehicle can be up to six times more concentrated than outside. Bosch Premium Cabin Filters prevent harmful spores and pollen from entering the vehicle interior and keep passengers and downstream HVAC components protected.
A cabin filter works much like the air filter used with your furnace and/or air conditioning system in your home. Replace your cabin filter regularly with a Bosch Premium Cabin Filter and trap close to 100% of airborne contaminants before they enter the interior of your vehicle through the heating and air conditioning system.

1. Find the right cabin filter(s) for your vehicle.

Activated Charcoal Filter with its innovative five-layer design or an absorbent three-layer Particulate Filter. 
Cabin filters are also known by an assortment of other names, such as pollen filters, interior air filters,
breather filters, micro filters, micron air filters, air conditioning filters, interior ventilation filters, dust filters
and dust/pollen filters.

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