Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fuel Saver : : Aleds Hydrogen Add-on Kit for Petrol & Diesel Cars - Test Results of "Aleds Hydrogen Kit" at Jammu

This has reference to our post dated March 8, 2012 regarding Hydrogen Kits for Increasing Fuel Efficiency. We have since last year done a lot to research of reliable and performance oriented product. Our effort has concluded with final road tests here at Jammu for "Aleds Hydrogen Kit". 

We summarize our findings herebelow:

1. Most of the Kits available in the market were simple electrolysis devices which were breaking water (H2O) into HHO or gaseous form of H2O i.e Hydrogen & Oxygen. 

Injecting HHO into Air Intake of the Car did help in improving car's pick-up but fuel efficiency increase was not much.

2. Finally we got our hands on Aleds Hydrogen Kit and studied the difference. This kit is also based on Electrolysis but does two things differently.

a. The process of electrolysis produces Hydrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen and Oxygen is collected separately atop Negative (Cathode) and Positive (Anode) electrodes respectively. 

b. Only Hydrogen is supplied to the Air Intake System of the Car, while Oxygen is released in the atmosphere.

We decided to test this system ourselves. Before installing the kit we filled the Petrol Tank of our Car (WagonR 2003 Model done 63000 kms) and took the car for a spin with AC ON. We drove towards Hira Nagar encountering normal traffic conditions. We drove the Car at an average speed of 60 kmph to 70 kmph at times going upto 90 kmph. Total travel distance was 85 kms before we topped-up the fuel tank again. The fuel top-up required to cover 85 kms was 5.11 litres. Thus achieving fuel efficiency of 16.63 km per litre of Petrol with AC on.

We then installed the Aleds Hydrogen Kit in our Car (WagonR 2003 Model done 63000 kms).

We repeated the road test once again, but with few variation:

1. AC on

2. Average driving speed 60 to 70 kmph

3. Deliberately slowed down the car to 25/30 kmph on 4th and 5th Gear and picked up the car back to 60 kmph without lowering the gears.

4. Got caught in a traffic Jam, where we had to crawl at 5 kmph for about a km.

5. Stopped at Samba for a thirst quenching "Mountain Dew Break" without shutting down the Engine. We must have run the Car for 5 to 7 minutes on Ideal (more wasted fuel).

The trial this time was for 93 kms and after the run the fuel top-up was 4.5 litres. Thus achieving a Fuel Efficiency of 20.66 km per Litre of Petrol.

Must add here that the trial was done both times with 3 persons in the Car including the driver with AC on on both occasions.

The details of the product is reproduced here below:

Aleds Hydrogen Add-on Kits for Petrol & Diesel Cars is available for fitment at MegaPower Services, Jammu.

Call 90868 80444 for more information.


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