Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bosch Automotive AfterMarket - Bosch Car Service (Multi-Car Service Now In Jammu)

Within the Automotive Technology Business Sector, the Automotive Aftermarket Division is responsible for

the supply, sales and logistics of automotive parts for service at the vehicle.

Diagnostics including workshop equipment, in other words testers, technical information, training and consulting.
The Automotive Aftermarket Division, moreover, is responsible for the Bosch Car Service workshop concept, and the global technical after-sales service for Bosch automotive products and systems.

The global team comprises some 3,700 people working worldwide in the division, in the regional subsidiaries, and in the agencies abroad. All working to guarantee the highest-possible level of service and quality for our customers in 132 countries round the world, and round the clock.

Areas of operation

Worldwide supply of replacement parts and information on Bosch products and systems
Worldwide sales of workshop and vehicle accessories
Worldwide customer service for Bosch products

The product list of Bosch Automotive AfterMarket can be reviewed at

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