Sunday, January 15, 2012

Car owners happier with their choice of workshops for servicing

Car owners who choose garages and workshops to service their cars are more satisfied with the service they receive than those who choose car dealers for servicing, a new report from Roy Morgan research in Australia has revealed. 

Car owners who used garages and workshops had a 90 per cent satisfaction level compared with an 85 per cent satisfaction level recorded by those who chose car servicing from the dealer where they bought their vehicle. 

Those using mobile mechanics for servicing were found to have an 80 per cent satisfaction level. 

An increasing number of Australian car owners are choosing garages and workshops which specialise in vehicle repairs and servicing, over other outlets such as car dealerships and petrol stations with mechanical workshops. 

In the year to November 2010, an estimated 2 million people (35 per cent) used garages and workshops compared with 1.5 million (26 per cent) who chose to service their cars through dealerships. 

For those who chose rival dealers offering the same make as their car, there was a slightly lower satisfaction level than those who went back to the original dealer. 

The Roy Morgan Automotive Currency Report surveyed drivers aged 18 years and over, who had a service or mechanical repair carried out to the car they drive most frequently. 

Car service and repairs – satisfaction level

  1. Garage/workshop (not selling petrol) - 90%
  2. Petrol station/convenience store - 86%
  3. Dealer who sold me my vehicle - 85%
  4. Other dealer selling my make - 84%
  5. Dealer selling other makes - 81%
  6. Mobile mechanic/service - 80%
  7. Tyre specialist - 76%
  8. Auto electrician - 74%
  9. Exhaust/mufflers/brakes specialist - 71%
  10. Other outlets* - 71%
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) December 2009. *Other outlets include hardware stores, wrecker/body shop/panel beater and parts/accessories shop. 

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