Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Offer : : Long Life Tyre (Annual) Plan by MegaPower - BOSCH Car Service, Jammu

We are pleased to extend a unique Long Life Tyre Plan for our customers. With increasing cost of Fuel (Petrol), the cost of Car Ownership is bound to increase. We at MegaPower Services, Authorised BOSCH Car Service, Jammu keep trying to find ways to reduce operating cost of the car.

We have worked out a Long Life Tyre Plan which will increase the life of the Tyres thus reducing the cost of car ownership on per kilometer basis.

What does our Long Tyre Life Plan include and how would it increase Tyre life:

1. We offer Nitrogen Tyre Inflation for 5 tyres of the Car with FREE re-check & re-fill offer for a Year. Filling Tyres with Nitrogen not only marginally increases fuel efficiency but also keeps the tyres cool (as Nitrogen being a inert gas does not heat up) thus reducing wear & tear. A warmer rubber wears faster on road. 

Moreover, the since Nitrogen temp remains constant & does not expand, the tyre pressure remains constant, there by causing even wear of tyres. Over inflated tyre wears from the center of the tyre tread while under inflated tyre wears from the edges of the tyre treads. Constant pressure results in even wear of the tyre.

Low Pressure

If you have been driving with under inflation (low pressure) the tires will be more worn on both the shoulders because an under inflated tire tends to lift up in the center of the tread when it is in use.

Excess Pressure

If the vehicle has been used with too much pressure (over inflation) the center of the tire will be more worn than the outside edges because an over inflated tire tends to be rounder and the outside is lifted off the ground.

Correct & Constant pressure will cause the tire to wear evenly across the entire tire.

2. Wheel Alignment every 2,500km or every 3 months which ever is earlier for a Year

Everybody thinks improper Wheel alignment causes just puling of car to right or left side. The facts is:

Poor wheel alignment increases tyre rolling resistance which in turn makes your engine work harder. Your fuel economy goes down and your tyres wear more quickly.

 - poor alignment will cause uneven tyre wear and drastically reduce tyre life. Data has shown improved average tyre life of over 20%, making the exercise completely self-financing.
IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY - poor alignment increases the rolling resistance of tyres. About 30% of a vehicle's fuel is used to overcome the tyres rolling resistance, and just a small amount of misalignment can increase fuel consumption dramatically. Savings of up to 2% on fuel can readily be achieved through accurate alignment.

3.  Wheel Balancing every 2,500km or every 3 months which ever is earlier for a Year 

what exactly are the benefits that proper wheel balancing provides? To begin with, drivers recognize a noticeable difference in how smoothly their car operates when the wheels are balanced. Tires that are not balanced create a wobbly sensation and cause the tires to actually bounce a little bit. When the bounce is removed from the tires by balancing them, the traction on the tires increases and the car feels more stable. Not only does this create a more comfortable ride, but it improves safety as well. Additionally, it has the added benefit of helping the tires to last a longer period of time. So in the long run, ensuring that the tires are properly balanced saves drivers money on replacing their tires.
Drivers should also know how to tell if their wheels are out of balance. This is because sometimes wheels simply go out of balance and need to be rebalanced even if the wheel has not recently been replaced or removed. Drivers will be able to know if their wheels need rebalancing because they will feel a vibration when they drive their car. This vibration could range from extremely subtle to quite severe. However, almost without exception the vibration will increase as the driver accelerates to faster speeds. Drivers who notice this sensation should immediately take their car to a trusted technician who can check the wheels and balance them if necessary.

4. Tyre Rotation every 5,000km or six months which ever is earlier 

Tire rotation is a necessary process when you want to get the most life possible from your tires. There are several benefits to having this service performed regularly. Not only can you get more life on the tread, but you'll also experience better vehicle handling and increased gas mileage, helping to save quite a bit of money over the long-term.

1. Extended Tire Tread Life
2. Increased Vehicle Performance
3. Increased Gas Mileage
4. Save Money

Tires have a tendency to wear unevenly due to many different factors, including terrain, temperature and driver habits. Performing a periodic tire rotation will help to balance out the wear on your tires, which may prevent many possible unwanted problems. Pattern wear can develop from turning the same tire in the same direction for thousands of miles. By changing the tires, often performed by moving the front tires to the back of the vehicle and vice versa, any pattern wear can be avoided. Similarly, front-wheel drive vehicles increase the burden on the front tires, due to the fact that they require the added duty of driving the vehicle, as well as steering it. Swapping these with the back tires at regular intervals helps to spread out wear. Including the spare tires in the rotation can increase the life of all tires by up to 20%.
When tire rotation is avoided for too long, the performance, riding comfort and stability of your vehicle can be compromised. Whichever tires do most of the handling on your vehicle can be swapped out, giving fresh tread for the task of stopping on wet roads and gripping in the snow. Also, when tires are unequally stressed due to differences in wear, road friction is created. This friction may contribute to other problems, including loss of balance and front-end misalignment.
When you rotate tires regularly, it decreases the amount of work it takes for the vehicle to drive. When tire wear is spread evenly, vehicle pull and road friction are alleviated and traction and stability are increased. All these factors help the engine to run more smoothly and efficiently, decreasing the amount of gas it takes to propel the car. Less fuel used equates to better overall fuel mileage for the vehicle.
Money can be saved in so many ways when regular tire rotation is performed. All of the above points can contribute to more money spent over the long run for the life of your car. When you rotate tires approximately every 7,500 miles, you'll help to avoid costly mechanical repairs, save money on gas and on the purchase of new tires, by extending the life of your current tires as much as possible. Some simple math factoring in all these points will show you that spending the small fee for a regular tire rotation can add up to much less money spent when compared to putting your vehicle and lifestyle in danger of costly breakdowns, frequent mechanical repairs and even potential accidents.

This Long Life Tyre (Annual) Plan is valid for 1 year from the date of Purchase of the Plan. The cost of this Plan is Rs. 2,500.00

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