Sunday, September 2, 2012

Know your Car :: Car AC Gas Re-Filling, Radiator Hose Pipe & Wiper Blades

Rubber Parts in a car degenerates as it ages. Three Vital Rubber Parts in a car can be defined as follows:

1. Suspension Parts made of Rubber for comfortable ride.

2. Hoses of Cooling System (Radiator) & Rubber Hoses of AC System

3. Wiper Blades

While Rubber Parts like Engine Foundations, Shock Absorber Rubber Parts MUST be regularly inspected (atleast every six months) and Rubber Parts which have developed signs of Ageing, must be replaced.

However, Hoses of Cooling System MUST be changed every two years without waiting for visible signs of cracks. These hoses can fail without warning causing major damage to engine, apart from the trouble to the car owners during on-road break-down.

The Rubber Hoses within the Car AC system tend to allow AC Gas to leak slowly thus reducing Cooling capacity of the Car's AC system. As such, every 3 years the AC Gas "Re-Gasing" MUST be done. AC Re-Gasing is - Recovery of the left over Gas in the Car's AC System, Cleaning the same, Removing the old AC Compressor Oil, and Finally Re-Filling Fresh AC Compressor Oil & AC Refrigerant R134a Gas to the required/manufacturer's defined quantity.
The Third & Final MUST Change is Wiper Blades. Wiper Blades MUST be changed every 2 years lest it would end up damaging the Windscreen apart from NOT cleaning the Windscreen during rains causing bad visibility during driving.

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