Saturday, September 15, 2012

What to do about fuel costs when Diesel price is also rising?

I received this Newsletter in my mailbox (email). Wanted to share it with all my friends. I hope you would like this valuable information.

Launching Expert Series: What to do about fuel costs when diesel price is also rising?
Diesel prices are up by around Rs 5, but premium diesel has gone up by Rs 19! So have diesel cost savings been wiped out? What are your options apart from diesel? Specifically, what alternative fuel should you consider for your car? What are its one-time costs? How much savings does it provide monthly? What steps and equipment are required for conversion?
Starting this week, we have launched an Expert Series with our CarToq expert Shreyans Jain, who will give advice to the community on CNG-LPG solutions. Tap into Shreyans’ deep knowledge and expertise to figure out best options for reducing your monthly fuel bill.

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