Thursday, July 5, 2018

Truth vs Myth about :: Paid Service/ Periodic Service, or 10,000km Service as is commonly known

I have seen many youtube videos which describe Paid Service Jobs as engine oil Change and Air Filter Change service. I am aghast at people liking it and following it. the truth is far from these videos. you will be doing a disservice to your car if you follow them.

The Myth that by changing Engine Oil and Filters the car is serviced is far from the TRUTH!!!

The Truth is that a Periodic Service is much more then Engine Oil and Filter Change. Let me explain in detail the Jobs that needs to be undertaken during a complete Service of a Car:

1. Washing and Cleaning
2. Underbody Nut Bolts Tightening
3. Underbody Inspection for any Oil Leakage or Boot (Axle boots and/or Steering Boot) puncture.
4. Front and Rear Brake inspection and cleaning and/or replacement of Brake Pads and Brake Shoes.
5. Engine Tune up
6. Check/Replace Fluids like Engine Oil, Gear Oil, and Coolant.
7. Replace Oil Filter and Check/Replace Air and Fuel Filters if required.
8. Brake oil MUST be changed after every rainy season, once a year.
9. Battery Check and Battery Water top up.
10. Door Hinge lubrication
11. Door Glass Run Lubrication
12. Tyre pressure check and correction if required.
13. All Lights and Horn Check.
14. Clutch Check
15. Windshield water nozzles check for clean spray from the nozzles on to the windshield.
16. Wiper Blade Check
17. Tyre Rotation
18. Wheel Balancing
19 Wheel Alignment
20. Check/ if required change Belts
21.  Check/ if required change Hoses and pipes
22. Check AC
23. Clean/Replace AC Cabin Filter
24. Check Front Struts, Rear Shock absorbers for leakage. if leak replace.
25. Check other suspension parts too.

A Video on Complete Service is here for our readers ease of understanding:

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