Sunday, March 30, 2014

Restoring MM540 4x4 Jeep (army auctioned) Part 2 (Day 15)

This is in continuation to my Post Restoring MM540 4x4 Jeep (army auctioned) 

Latest update in form of pictures:

The De-Denting process is over and body parts treated with Bodyfiller and Surfacer.

The Job work planned next is wet sanding of the complete body, Underbody to be treated and coated with Black Anti-Rust Coat.

The material ordered from Mahindra has arrived at depot, includes:

Hinges for front doors
Lock set
Bonnet latches
Wheel Arches front and rear
Door Trims
Door Inner and outer Handles
Inner and outer weaterstrips
Glass run for front doors

Lets see what we make of it........

Colour Plan:

Underbody : Black
Upper body : Silky Silver
Hinges and Soft Hood Frame : Black

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  1. What is the usage of this Jeep you are restoring, would this be for OFF ROAD, ON ROAD or BOTH, the reason I am asking is because depending on that you need to choose the tyres, may be you also need to do some suspension works apart from regular overhauling. Color scheme is completely dependent on the client you have however make sure if there is any body work as per the above said purpose is done before the JEEP enters paint booth. Kindly remove the glass frame before painting that saves labor of cleaning it later. All the best for your project. Bala aka JEEP MONK