Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tata Nano :: Head on Collision - Technical & Safety Review

At MegaPower Services we received a Tata Nano for Acidental repairs. The loss was due to front hit. Now that was interesting for me to check the safety parameters of the nano car.

The loss was :

Front Bumper
Cross Member
Bonnet/ Hood
AC Condenser
Cooling Fan with shroud 
Front windshield

Thats It!

ZERO Structural damage.

See for your self....

Only Cross Member will need straightening, all other parts will need replacement. 

While Windshield is available thru OE manufacturer Depot in Jammu, other parts like AC Condenser, Cooing Fan, Hood/Bonnet and Front Bumper will have to be sourced thru Tata Dealer.

Unfortunately. Spare parts of Tata Nano are NOT avaiable with Spare Parts Dealer and MUST be sourced thru Tata Motors Passenger Car Dealers.

The Repair work will need max 3 days but sourcing of all parts will need 10 to 15 days.

Safety Review : The Speed and Resultant Force of Impact can be seen in the damage but GOOD to see the safety of the passengers. The Tata Nano seems to be structurally stronger then other Indian cars in hatchback segments. I have seen much more damage structurally on other cars having met similar accidents.

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