Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A blast from the Past by @TheGeniusStupid on Children's Day 2012 #NanoMoment

Here is a tribute to Teachers by a Student:

I assume what is mentioned by @TheGeniusStupid in his tweets are the #TeacherTaunts he & his class must have suffered as a student. Happy Children's Day:

You were not caught because you copied. You were caught, because you even pasted it.

"Silence... is this a class or fish market?"

"Why are you laughing? Tell us we'll also laugh. No please, tell us."

"Better, show this talent in your studies, you will grow!"

"If you want to talk, please go out & talk. Don't disturb others. Okay!"

"Why were you absent yesterday? Bring your parents tomorrow."

"Speak loudly. Didn't you had your breakfast?"

"Is this what your parents send you school for. No tell me please?"

"Don't lie. Do you think we teachers are all fools?"

"I'm talking to YOU only, why are you looking back?"

"Why do you come to school when you don't like to study?"

"What you did the whole day? Why didn't you do your homework?"

"You are so bad, even your juniors are better than you."

 this is the worst batch i've ever seen. Shame on you people.

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