Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

The Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Nitrogen filled tyreNormal Air Filled tyre

Under inflated tyres create drag which increases tread wear, fuel costs and the risk of punctures as well as having a significant effect on a cars performance both in handling and cost. Uniflate produces a stable inflation mixture, as can be seen in the diagram on the left, that has improved pressure retention properties that will ensure tyres remain fully inflated for longer. By having your tyres at the correct pressures you will experience the following benefits: 

1. Better handling and road holding 
2. Reduces tread wear and increases tyre life by up to 25% 
3. Correct inflation pressures reduce puncture risk by up to 33% 
4. Reduced rolling resistance improves miles per gallon by 2% 
5. Improved pressure retention 

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  1. There are two places you can look for the recommended air pressure for your car’s tires. The first place is on sticker listing the vehicle’s specifications. This sticker is usually near the gas tank, in the glove compartment, or on one of the front door jambs. The recommended tire pressure is also listed in the owner’s manual.