Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jammu (J&K - India) is Taking a Quantum Jump in Automobile Sector


That's what I can say about Jammu's progress in Automobile Sector.

Just This month we will see following New Dealerships coming up:

* Nissan - Lahori Motors

* Renault - AutoBhan

* FIAT - ???????? Guess Who?

By Year end we are expected to see


* Another Dealer for Mahindra & Mahindra

Branded Pre-Owned Cars

Active Dealers:

Maruti True Value, Jamkash Vaehicleades & Shaurya Motors

NEW Maruti True Value Dealer in Jammu Peaks Auto

New Hyundai Pre-Owned Car Dealers - Crest Hyundai

Check out Car Modification - MegaPower EV : : Battery Operated Car Build on Maruti 800 Shell


  1. Fiat is being opened by National Garage called National Fiat

  2. But I heard that Gupta Car Clinic is opening FIAT Dealership in Jammu. Wondering???? National Garage opening Fiat dealership will not help Fiat sales and service as Tata and Fiat have competing products and that's the reason the Fiat sale failed during Tata - Fiat tie-up earlier.