Monday, February 20, 2012

Road Safety Tips : : Random thoughts Compiled

The News papers are full of Road accident news every day. I just thought of using this day to use my Social Media Channels to circulate ROAD SAFTY TIPs. On Twitter I would be using HashTag #RoadSafetyTips

I will be dedicating THIS Day to "Road Safety Tips" ..... Please do Give it a Thought! Happy Driving 

Don't use your mobile phone whilst driving

Belt up in front as well as the back of the Car

Don't drink and drive

Observe the traffic signs on the sides of the road and follow them, like speed brake ahead, speed limit, school zone etc

Always adhere to speed limits

Take special care while driving when children, senior citizens and pedestrians are around

Pedestrians should walk cautiously when Footpaths are not clearly defined on the roads & while crossing roads

Always observe and anticipate other road users

Always wear helmets (2-wheeler)  and seat belts (Cars/LMVs)

Don't do practice driving on the highways

Check traffic in all directions before entering an intersection

Slow down when road and weather conditions are poor (like today in North India)

Look in your mirrors and shoulder check before you change lanes

Pedestrians, Do not cross from behind a bus in bus-stop oncoming vehicles may be fast for quick reaction

A yellow light means clear the intersection - DO NOT try to beat the light

Keep always left or in left-hand lane on multi-lane roads, unless you want to turn right or to overtake another vehicle

Vehicles like cycles, rickshaws, mopeds, etc, which are moving slowly should keep close to the left hand side of the road

Be alert when you see animals on the road. Slow down Their direction change cannot be predicted

Make yourself visible. At night, always turn your headlights on and make sure your tail lights are working

Pull over to talk if u are using a mobile phone. Driving isn't the time for shaving, putting on make-up or eating your lunch

Pedestrians : Use safe place to cross the road, such as, subways, footbridges, zebra and traffic light crossings

Pedestrians : See both the sides of the road i.e. left to right/right to left while crossing

Never run into the street to catch a ball or an animal or a Kite

Slogans : Alert today – Alive tomorrow

Slogans : Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac

Slogan : The best drivers are aware that they must be beware

Slogan : Night doubles traffic troubles

Roads are like Women ( Slogan) - More curves More dangerous

Pedestrians : DO NOT use mobile phones while crossing Roads

Slogan : Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car

Slogan : Road sense is the offspring of courtesy and the parent of safety

Pedestrians : DO NOT use mobile phones while crossing Roads

POWER Check your vehicle every week ( Petrol, Oils, Water, Electric, and Rubbers)

Always use dipper at night, Using higher beam will blind the on-coming vehicle - Danger to U too

Don't make the mistake of assuming that other drivers are going to do or what you think they should do


  1. These are good tips. For ladies it is advisable not to apply makeup while they drive. It affects their driving as well as ours too ;)



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