Friday, August 16, 2013

Scoop : : Maruti Suzuki Planning to Launch Hyundai i10 Grand competition WagonR StingRay within a week : : Spy Pics

We are pleased to release Spy pics of Maruti Suzuki's Premium WagonR StingRay.

These pics are from stock yard of a Dealer which means the Premium MUV with Unique Front Grill covered with plexiglass as in Headlight lens, is ready for launch. The Front Grill between the two headlights is NOT Crome but is made out with headlight reflector type inner surface which seems to be hiding LEDs and is covers with clear lens as on headlights. The grill is fully closed and is an extension to the headlights. The AIr flow for radiator and ac condenser is thru the large lower grill.

The headlights have angle rings and projector headlights.

Any and Every Publication/ website is allowed to use these pics with due acknowledgement to


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